Тест "Неличные формы глагола" 9-11 класс

Лялина Румия Нурулловна, учитель английского языка
МБОУ «Заинская СОШ №3», республика Татарстан, РФ
Неличные формы глагола (инфинитив, герундий)
9 11 класс
1. This information is very important. It may… by students for preparing for
a) be using b) to be used c) be used d) have used
2. You had better … more words and word expressions by heart if you want to
understand English films.
a) learn b) to learn c) to be learning d) have learned
3. I was sorry … as I couldn’t write my essay up to the end.
a) to bother b) to have been bothered c) to be bothering d) bother
4. She is likely … the content of the story very well.
a) know b) has known c) knowing d) to know
5. We didn’t expect her … the best result among all students of the group.
a) having b) have had c) to have d) have
6. He used … his friend even if he was not right. Now he gives him advice if
he is wrong.
a) support b) to support c) supporting d) have been supported
7. My son would … all people when he was a child.
a) to trust b) trust c) has trusted d) trusting
8. Would you rather … conflicts or …?
a) avoiding, quarreling b) to avoid, to quarrel
c) avoid, quarrel d) have been avoided, have been quarreled
9. The student was happy … abroad.
a) to be sending b) been sent c) sent d) to have been sent
10. I don’t want the flight … .
a) to delay b) delayed c) delaying d) to be delayed
11. While reading jokes, I can’t help … .
a) to laugh b) laugh c) laughing d) be laughing
12. He was accused of … his friend.
a) betrayed b) betraying c) being betrayed d) having been betrayed
13. I advise you to avoid … unknown words in your speech.
a) using b) to use c) use d) being used
14. Would you mind … your boarding pass.
a) to show b) show c) showing d) being shown
15. Is the problem worth …?
a) discussing b) to discuss c) having been discussed d) having discussed
16. Two parties succeeded … resolving conflicts in a peaceful way.
a) at b) in c) on d) with
17. I can’t stand communicating with him. He is pleased … criticizing people.
a) at b) with c) of d) from
18. The students were discussing something. They didn’t notice the lecturer …
the room.
a) to enter b) entering c) has entered d) enter
19. I thanked my mum for … me yesterday.
a) helping b) help c) having helped d) being helped
20. Many pupils dream … getting higher education, but they don’t work hard
at school.
a) about b) of c) in d) on
Ответы: 1 c, 2 a , 3 b, 4 d, 5 c, 6 b, 7 b, 8 c, 9 d,10 d, 11 c,
12 b, 13 a, 14 c, 15 a, 16 b, 17 a, 18 d, 19 c, 20 b