Конспект урока "Meals in Britain"

Meals in Britain.
Цели урока: развитие навыков работы с информацией; совершенствование
умений монологической речи; расширение общего и лингвистического
кругозора; воспитание интереса и уважения к традициям и обычаям стран
изучаемого языка.
Narrator: Hello! Now it’s time for tea. To be precise, it’s time to talk about tea,
tea habits in Britain.
It’s difficult to imagine British people without drinking tea. The British are great
tea lovers. People in Britain drink more tea than anywhere else in the world.
People only in England have about 165 million cups of tea in an hour.
So, one can say tea is the British national drink. But where did this love for tea
come from?
Pupil 1:
At first Britain rejected the continental fashion for tea drinking. The story of tea in
the UK started in the 17
century. And it was connected with the name of
Catherine of Braganzae. She was a Portuguese princess, who arrived in Britain for
her marriage to the king Charles II. She included a chest of tea in her drown as
she was a big fan of having tea. So, It was the wife of Charles II, who Introduced
tea to the Royal Court for the first time.
Tea slowly became a fashionable drink. It was a very expensive product that time.
Only the rich could take tea. It was often kept under lock and key.
Pupil 2:
People in Britain traditionally have tea 6-7 times a day. They have tea at definite
time and definite kinds (sorts).
1. At first early morning tea.
2. Then lunch tea.
3. Low tea
4. Five clock tea or afternoon tea
5. High tea (it is also known as meat tea). It is more an evening event
6. At last before going to bed they can take a cup of fruit tea or tea without
Narrator: Let’s stop on the Afternoon tea more. Its history, its origin is rather
Pupil 3:
The custom of the Afternoon Tea appeared due to one person Anna, the seventh
Duchess of Bedford. At that time the English had only two meals: a large
breakfast in the morning and a late dinner around 8 or 9 o’clock. The Duchess felt
hungry in the long hours between breakfast and dinner. One day she asked her
servants to bring some tea, bread and butter, cakes in her room. Then the
Duchess began to invite her friends for tea. The idea of having tea in the late
afternoon was excellent and people liked it. It was the beginning of the custom of
Afternoon tea in Britain.
Narrator: The ceremony of Afternoon tea hasn’t considerably changed over the
last centuries. And now some words about the SERVING AFTERNOON TEA
Pupil 4:
The important part of an afternoon tea naturally must be the tea. Tea is
traditionally served from heavy silver tea ports into china cups. Everyone has an
opinion on how to make a proper cup of tea. But there are some rules that the
British follow.
Narrator: And what rules are they?
Pupil 4:
The first ingredient must be leaf tea, not tea bags. The English consider only black
tea to be real tea.
And there are some instructions to make a perfect cup of tea.
1. Fill a kettle with fresh water and bring it to the boil.
2. Place 1 teaspoon of leaf tea per person plus 1tsp for the pot.
3. Top up the teapot with the boiling water.
4. Leave to infuse for 3 minutes, no longer or it will have a “stewed flavor”.
5. Pour the tea strainer directly into clean nice china cups.
Дети поют песню «Polly, put the kettle on!»
Narrator: Now we know how to make tea properly. But there was a time when
people didn’t know how to make tea. The next funny story is about an old
woman, her son, a captain and, of course, about tea.
W: Oh, my son has returned from the voyage at last.
Her two friends:
F1: Where was he that time?
W: He was in a very far-away country, in India. And he’s brought me a gift.
F2: We know he brings something unusual for you every time. He’s a very caring
son. And what kind of gift is it?
W: Tea, it’s called tea .
F1: Tea? We’ve never heard of it.
W: I’d like to taste it with you, so I invite you for lunch today.
F2: It must be very delicious… Thank you, we’ll come, certainly, thanks.
On the table there are some cakes, fruit, jam. And in the middle of it there is a big
plate with boiled tea leaves. The captain comes in. His mother and her friends are
sitting at the table and eating tea leaves.
S: Where’s the tea, mum?
His mother showed him the plate with tea leaves.
W: We’re having it for lunch, you see.
S: No, no, those are only tea leaves. Where’s the water?
W: The water? I threw it away.
S: And are you enjoying such a lunch?
F: No, to be honest not. It’s too unusual for us.
S: It’s not surprising.
Then he explains how to make tea.
Narrator: It’s difficult to imagine but there was a time when people really had no
idea how to use tea. By the way, what is usually served for tea?
Pupil 5:
The sandwiches, the scones and the cakes are traditional food for five clock tea.
Afternoon tea starts with sandwiches. Scones usually follow on from the
Narrator: What do scones usually look like?
Pupil 5: A scone is a small round cake, sometimes with dried fruits. The English
eat scones with butter or jam. It’s rather easy and quick to make scones. They are
delicious both hot and cold. British scones are the main part in any afternoon tea.
The final course in a traditional afternoon tea is a cake.
By the way, the British have tea with milk or lemon. Most of the British have tea
with milk (about 98%)
Narrator: So, having tea has been one of the oldest important traditions in
Britain and an invitation for a cup of tea is a common way of keeping in touch
with friends and relatives.