Конспект урока "Gadgets" 8 класс

Цели урока:
1) развитие способности осуществлять продуктивные речевые действия, адекватных
ситуации общения; формирование языковой догадки.
2) улучшить навык монологического высказывания по заданной теме.
3) Развитие умения вести диалог с опорой на РО.
На уроке решались следующие задачи:
1) Систематизировать и обобщить имеющиеся у учащихся знания по данной теме.
2) Развить критичность, креативность воображения;
3)Воспитать чувство гордости за достижения своих великих соотечественников;
формирование личностных качеств: самостоятельность, коммуникабельность.
4) Социокультурная задача: знакомство с достижениями науки, которые используются в
повседневной жизни; знакомство с выдающимися изобретателями и изобретениями.
На уроке соблюдались общие дидактические принципы: сознательности, практической
направленности, перехода от простого к сложному, коммуникативной направленности
обучения англоязычной речи.
Учебные пособия: компьютер, интерактивная доска, проектор, компьютерная
презентация учителя , аудиозапись текста , раздаточный материал: текст с заданиями на
подбор соответствий, множественный выбор.
Речевой материал: материал цикла.
Краткий план урока:
- организационно - пояснительный момент.
- работа по алгоритму с включением в работу показа индивидуального домашнего
задания - рекламы приборов,
- выступления групп учащихся с презентацией своего решения проблемы (кратко),
- работа по карточкам,
- просмотр одной серии знаменитого чешского мультфильма о необычайно добрых,
неунывающих изобретателях «Пат и Мат. Факс.»
- домашнее задание: сочинение – рассуждение (7 – 15 предложений) по просмотренному
мультфильму «Пат и Мат», с включением своей точки зрения об изобретателях.
1. Организационный момент.
2. Установка учителя. Постановка цели и проблемы:
Today we are going to speak about things which are very interesting and familiar to you. They
are gadgets which make our life easier. Almost every day a new gadget appears in the world. But
we always need something more useful, more effective and more comfortable.
So, the topic of our lesson is «Crazy about gadgets…»
And our purposes for today’s lesson are:
1. To know different opinions about modern inventions and their role in the life of people.
2. To give your own opinions, arguments for and against electronic gadgets and machines.
3. To play a project game.4To revise your gram.mat.- «conditional sentences»
1. Let’s begin with all the necessary words and word combinations.
Repeat all together after me.
Camcorder, digital camera, dishwasher, egg timer, microwave oven['ʌvn], vacuum cleaner,
washing machine, web cam. Cheap, convenient, easy to use, expensive, practical, reliable,
useful, urgent messages
2. Now your task is to guess the things which we use in our everyday life.
1. You wash clothes in it.__ __ __ __ __ __ __ - __ __ __ __ __ __ __
2. You use this thing to clean your flat, carpets.__ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __
3. You can communicate with people who are away from you using this thing. It is very
compact; you can carry it in your bag or pocket. __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __
4. You can wash dirty dishes in it.__ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __
5. You can cook, defrost and reheat food in it.__ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __
Ключ: 1 - washing-machine; 2 - vacuum cleaner; 3 mobile phone; 4 dishwasher; 5
microwave oven.
2. Match the items ['aɪtəm] with the actions
A vacuum cleaner to send and receive urgent messages
A microwave oven to wake up people and to tell the time
A mobile phone to wash the dishes
A calculator to cook, to defrost, to reheat food
A talking alarm clock to take photographs
A fax machine to receive or make calls
A dishwasher to do calculations
A camera to clean carpets and furniture
3.Ролевая игра «The best project manager».Now we are going to play a game.
You know how to advertise a product. And your home task for today’s lesson was to create a
device of your own and to make up your own Project so that everybody wants to buy it. Let’s
see how well you can do it. Who is the first to present a project?
ЗАЩИТА ПРОЕКТОВ.Whose project would you like to buy and why?
4. Our boys Vlad and Vanya have a special task for today’s lesson. It’s even a surprise for you.
They want to present a project «Retro-gadgets».
5. РУССКИЙ КОМПОНЕНТ. Now I'd like you to look at some Russian gadget.
6. Просмотр Фильма «Пат и Мат, факс дома».
I want you to watch the film about two neighbors, friends, who invent interesting things in
different life situations. But first of all I want to ask you « What do we use a fax-machine for? ».
But now you’ll see that we can use it not only for sending and receiving urgent messages but for
any other reason. Here is a perfect solution for you.
What kind of persons are they?-They are very kind, optimistic inventors.
Would you like to have a fax at your house?
7. Homework: I want you to write a composition- retelling of the film “Pat and Mat. Fax
machine” for the next lesson.
If I … , I usually use a …
tell the time
send a picture message to a friend
film a friend’s birthday party
listen to music
send e-mails
watch a DVD
do some Internet research for a project
show photos to my friends
listen to the news
9. Работа в группах.
Some people think that technology will save the world and make it better; some others think that
technology will ruin the society because we are too dependent on electric and electronic gadgets
and machines. In my opinion we could hardly live without, for example, a computer. What is
your opinion? I Hope that you know the proverb that runs as follows: “United we stand-Divided
we fall” Its Russian equivalent is Один в поле не воин/В единстве сила
So, being aware of it I am eager to offer a team task to you: Devide into three groups.
The first group will name three things that you can hardly live without.
The second group will name three things that you can sacrifice without too much reluctance.
The third group will say why people use them.
Have you ever wondered what your dog is really thinking? Takara, a Japanese toymaker, has
invented a gadget which translates dog barks into human words!
I asked you to prepare a short conversation. Are you ready?
Imagine you are in the shop.
11. Заключение.
T: Dear students! You know, time is flying fast and it is high time we finished our lesson.
Thanks for your excellent work. You were really great! I hope you've learned much. You amazed
me with your excellent projects and expressive dialogues.
I'm far from imagining that all of you will become managers or inventors, but I believe that
the knowledge of making your own projects will be of some use in your future occupation and