Презентация "System of social welfare in Russia" 10-11 класс скачать бесплатно

Презентация "System of social welfare in Russia" 10-11 класс

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System of social welfare in Russia

System of social welfare in Russia

What categories of citizens are entitled to social payments and benefits?

Who can claim financial help and social benefits?

Do you have compassion for these categories of people?

Fill in thе blank squares with the words: безработные, сироты,бездомные, больные, инвалиды, нуждающиеся, уволенные по сокращению штатов, пенсионеры

  • 2.U
  • 7.R
  • 3.H
  • 5.D
  • 1.R
  • 8.O
  • 6.N
  • 4.S

Check up your work

  • 1. retired
  • 2. unemployed
  • 3. homeless
  • 4. sick
  • 5. disabled
  • 6. needy
  • 7.redundant
  • 8.orphans

Translate sentences into English

  • 1.Our state cares for its citizens.
  • 2. Pensioners are entitled to free passage.
  • 3. Social workers provide the disabled, lonely, elderly people with free of charge assistance.
  • 4. Our state tries to do its best to help the needy .
  • 5. The sick can get medicines at a discount.
  • 6. The incomes of some families are below poverty level.
  • 7. Children from families with low incomes have to earn money on their own.
  • 8. Women are entitled to retire when they are 55.
  • 9. Medical insurance is compulsory in our country.
  • 10. Health services are financed from the state budget.
  • 11. Invalids of Great Patriotic War are entitled to 50% reduced payments for public utilities, housing, telephone.
  • 12. Regular medical examinations are practiced at schools, plants and other organizations.

The amount of vulnerable segments of Russian population

  • The retired – 38,7 million
  • The unemployed – 4,6 million
  • The orphans – 700 thousand
  • The homeless – 4 million
  • The invalids – 13 million

Minimum of subsistence in the RF in2011

  • for the working people – 7023
  • For the retired – 5141
  • For children - 6294

Fill in the table

  • Vulnerable
  • Segments of
  • population
  • What problems have they got?
  • Solutions of the problems
  • The elderly
  • The homeless
  • The disabled
  • The unemployed
  • The orphans
  • Families with many children
  • Have low income; can`t pay for the
  • public utilities; suffer from different diseases, starvation; have financial problems; can`t be looked after at home; migrate to urban areas seeking work; don`t study but earn money on their own; become incapable of living independently
  • To organize general examinations; to collect clothes, food, money for the needy; to take part in charitable organizations; to organize charitable concerts, dinners; to build shelters for homeless; to take care of our grandparents; to provide the elderly with home help; to
  • support private charities

System of social welfare in Russia

  • The
  • Ministry of
  • social
  • protection
  • The social
  • Insurance
  • Fund
  • The
  • Pension
  • Fund
  • The
  • Employ-
  • ment
  • Fund
  • The Fund
  • for
  • Social
  • Support

Are you satisfied with your work? Please, express your opinion.

  • 1.To my mind the theme of the lesson was very interesting. I have known a lot of important things for me.
  • 2 I think that this theme was not interesting and useful. It was boring.