Презентация "DEFENCELESS ANIMALS" 10 класс скачать

Презентация "DEFENCELESS ANIMALS" 10 класс

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Today is the eighth of April, Tuesday. The topic of our lesson is:
Read the abbreviation and the description of the word
  • Read the abbreviation and the description of the word
  • the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
  • the organisation in Britain which is concerned with the protection of animals
Look at the pictures…
  • Look at the pictures…
  • Are they a common sight in your city or region?
  • What do you think brought the animals to such a miserable state?
  • Whose extinction do you know?
  • How people can help animals?
  • Let’s read two texts and try to answer the questions more completely
  • p.114 ex.3
  • His owner stuffed him into a plastic bag and threw him out with the rubbish.
You have to kill a whole elephant to get a little ivory
  • Every day in Africa about 150 elephants are slaughtered by poachers for ivory…
What can we do for them??? You can support the campaign of different organisations… The RSPCA asks you to help animals . Even small donation will be gratefully received. What 3 pounds a month buys…
  • to equip more Inspectors;
  • to build shelters;
  • train more education officers;
  • could mean the difference between life and death.
Read these words and match them to the Russian words imitating sounds.
  • a) Murmur 1) вздох
  • b) Twitter 2) шелест
  • c) Rustle 3) щебетание
  • d) Sigh 4) рык
  • e) Scream 5) крик
  • f) Roar 6) журчание
  • g) Crack 7) треск
  • h) Shriek 8) визг
Which of the words from the list are connected with:
  • Which of the words from the list are connected with:
  • 1) harm that people do to animals
  • 2) measures aimed to help animals survive…
  • neglect domestication
  • donation
  • nature abandon
  • reserve shelter
  • Ignore commercial exploitation
  • captivity
Fill the gaps with necessary words beginning with the letter given.
  • The largest number of a… animals live in big cities.
  • Green Peace is trying to save the whales from e…
  • A lot of species become e… every year.
  • We found a homeless cat. It was very thin and couldn’t move. We r… the cat and it became our friend.
  • Our city government opened a s… for a… animals. It can host up to 300 animals.
  • In order to preserve areas of land that haven’t yet been endangered by people, new nature r… are founded.
Your hometask is to make
  • Your hometask is to make
  • a list of five things you could
  • do, organise or participate
  • in to help animals.
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • H/W p. 113 ex.2B