Конспект занятия "Покупки" 11 класс скачать

Конспект занятия "Покупки" 11 класс

Конспект занятия по теме «Покупки»
по материалам учебника Spotlight 10
Модуль 2 Living and Spending
Цели занятия: актуализировать новую лексику по теме в лексико-
грамматических заданиях.
Задачи занятия: отработать навыки устной спонтанной речи; познакомить
студентов с новой лексикой; формировать способности сравнивать языковые
обороты в русском и английском языке.
Оснащение: учебник Spotlight 10, раздаточный материал (таблицы), рабочая
доска (интерактивная доска).
Ход занятия
Good day, students. What activities do you do every day? (студенты называют
варианты watching TV, washing face, studying и т.д.). Well and how often do
you go shopping? What do you usually buy? What do you think teenagers in our
country spend their money on?
I этап.
Complete the following table. Put a tick where it is necessary. You have 5 minutes
Sweets and snacks
Mobile phones
Bus fares
Computer games
Eating out
Clothes and accessories
Going out
Household bills
Supermarket shopping
Now compare your results in pairs. (обсуждение в парах) Find out if you have the
same ticks. (фронтальное обсуждение)
II этап
At home you read an article about young British consumers. Look through your
translations and give Russian equivalents for the following phrases. You have 2
A retailer’s dream
The best seller
Digging deeper into pockets
Handing out
Making ends meet
Let’s read the text on page 28 and translate it. (фронтальный опрос)
III этап
Now you are divided into 6 groups. Each group takes a short quote on page 29 said
by British teenagers. Translate it in your group paying attention to the words in
bold. You have 10 minutes. (каждая группа переводит свой отрывок)
Thank you. Now have a look on page 28 ex. 2 and match the quotes to the
comments in the ex.
IV этап
Your last task is ex 1 on page 159 (match shops and products). You have 3
minutes. (фронтальный опрос).
Your hometask is to make up a list products your family put in bags while
supermarket shopping.
Thank you for your work. Goodbye.