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Buying a souvenir

What we are going to do… What we are going to do… Introduce and practice language for buying a souvenir
  • Revise vocabulary for names of souvenirs of the UK
  • Revise Plural forms
  • Revise rules for have/ has got/, haven’t/hasn’t got

You are at a souvenir shop in the UK

The situation:

The situation:

You are сustomers who would like to buy a souvenir at a souvenir shop


What should we know to buy a souvenir there?

We should know the names

of souvenirs

We should know polite phrases for buying souvenirs

What is the main aim of this lesson?

The main aim of this lesson is to find out what phrases people use to buy a souvenir at a souvenir shop.

Let’s check your home task



This is a hat. It has got shamrock on it. The shamrock is the national symbol of Ireland.


This is a mug. It has got a Welsh dragon on it. The Welsh dragon is on the flag of Wales.


This is a tartan scarf from Scotland. Tartan cloth is very popular in Scotland.


This is a stuffed toy. It looks like a cow. There are many cows in Scotland.


These are toy buses. They are double-decker buses. You can see these in London.


This is a pin. It has got a Union Jack on it. The Union Jack is the flag of the UK.


Practice makes perfect

a mug, a bus, a stuffed toy, a hat, a magnet, an umbrella, a flag, a dragon, a key ring, a T-shirt, a CD, a pin, a bell, a doll, a scarf

Write the plurals.




Let’s check up. Let’s check up. mugs, buses, stuffed toys, hats, magnets, umbrellas, bells, flags, dragons, key rings, T-shirts, CDs, pins, scarves

Fill in has, hasn’t, have, haven’t.

  • ………..they got a magnet?
  • Yes, they ………….. .

    2. …………he got a scarf?

    No, he …………. .

    3. …………Bill got a key ring?

    Yes, he ………….. .

    4. …………….you got a pin?

    No, I ……………….. .

Which sentences does the shop assistant say?

Which does the customer say?

    • How can I help you?
    • How about this key ring?
    • I want to buy a souvenir.
    • Here you are.
    • How much is it?
    • It’s 4 pounds.


What is the English for:

  • Я хочу купить сувенир?
  • I want to buy a souvenir?

  • Чем я могу вам помочь?
  • How can I help you?

  • Сколько это стоит?
  • How much is it?

  • 5 фунтов.
  • It’s 5 pounds.

  • Возьмите.
  • Here you are.

Let’s try to act out several dialogues between

a customer and the shop assistant.

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