План-конспект урока "This wonderful world of music " 9 класс

План-конспект урока английского языка в 9А классе
Тема: This wonderful world of music (Прекрасный мир музыки).
Цель: активизация лексического материала
1. Воспитательные: укрепление интереса к предмету, воспитание
уважительного отношения к зарубежной культуре, более глубокое осознание
русской культуры, расширение кругозора, эрудиции учащихся, эстетическое
и валеологическое воспитание.
2. Развивающие: организация учебного процесса как речемыслительного
поиска, развитие творческой деятельности, памяти, языковой догадки,
воображения, способности логически излагать, работать в парах,
3. Образовательные: расширение словарного запаса, активизация
употребления лексики в речи, тренировка в говорении (монологическая и
диалогическая речь), чтении с извлечением необходимой информации.
Индивидуальный дидактический материал, карточки с заданиями, музыкальное
1. Начало урока. Организационный момент.
Good morning, boys and girls! I’m very glad to see you. We are so pleased to see
our guests today and we’ll try to make our lesson useful and interesting. Today we
will speak about people who enrich the world of music in this or that way. And the
topic of our conversation is (on the blackboard) “This wonderful world of music”.
2. Речевая зарядка.
Answer my questions:
Do you like listening to music?
What is your favourite music?
What do you feel when you listen to favourite music?
Do you like classical music? Why?
What are your favourite groups?
Who are your favourite Russian and foreign singers?
What kinds of music do you know?
Can we live without music?
Do you have an ear for music?
3. Активизация лексического материала.
Let’s remember the words about music. I propose you open the book at the page
59, ex.5.
Match the musical terms and definitions.
And now I want to play with you. On the blackboard there are some syllables. You
must compose 4 words from them. You are some minutes to prepare. And who is
ready to go to the blackboard and write the words.
Ok, thank you. You are well!
4. Здоровьесберегающая пауза.
You have said that music helps people to relax, to have a rest, to be in a good
mood. But I want to attract your attention that psychologists recommend people
listening to the quite soft classical music, when they are tired, or if they simply
want to sit quietly and relax. So, I suggest you listening to the music may be it’ll
help you to relax.
(звучит музыка П.И. Чайковского «Времена года. Апрель»)
5. Развитие навыка диалогической речи.
Lovely music, isn’t it? Try to guess who composed this music. He is a Russian
composer. He did write operas and ballets.
Yes, he is Chaikovskiy. But what do you know about Chaikovskiy?
(pupil tells about Chaikovskiy).
Can we say that Russia is a great musical country?
(yes, we can).
What other famous Russian composers do you know?
(Glinka, Rakhmaninov, Borodin).
Ok, all these men were the famous Russian composers. In Russia the only great
musical country in the world?
(no, it isn’t. Austria, Germany, Italy, France are great musical countries).
Very well. All these countries are the greatest musical countries the world. I
wonder, who is favourite composer? And why do you like his music? What
musical instruments can you play?
Now children I want you to prepare dialogues about music. You will work in pairs.
I give you 2 minutes.
(Pupils prepare the dialogues)
Are you ready? Who is first?
Ok, very well.
6. Здоровьесберегающая пауза.
Now I propose to relax and to listen to the music.
(“The Beatles” – Yesterday”)
7. Развитие навыка чтения с целью извлечения необходимой информации.
What group is this? What are their names?
Open your book at the page 51 and watch the picture.
I give 3 minutes to read the text about this group.
Let’s tell about “The Beatles”.
Open the book at the p. 51, ex. 2.
8. Домашнее задание.
Our lesson is coming to end. We have spoken about the classical music, but
besides classical music you are fond of pop music, jazz, rap and so on. We will
speak about these styles of music at the next lesson.
So, your home task will be:
To tell about your favourite group
To tell about your favourite pop star
To tell about your favourite style of music
9. Рефлексия.
Do you like this lesson?
What do you learn the new?
Do you want similar lesson yet?
What do you feel?
10. Итоги урока.
Thank you very much for the lesson. We have done a great work.
Your marks for the lesson are…
Good bye.