Сценарий "7 чудес мира за 7 дней вокруг света" 5 класс 3 четверть

Сценарий проведения линейки по итогу окончания 3 четверти
по теме : « 7 чудес мира за 7 дней вокруг света»
ГБОУ Гимназия №63
Калининского района
Учитель английского языка
Карачевская Татьяна Ефимовна
Uncle: Fillios Fog! Would you like to marry my niece?
Fog: Yes, sir.
Uncle: Then, you’ll have to travel round the world and visit all 7
miracles of the world. After that you’ll have to make a report.
Passparto: Oh, it’s impossible!
Fog: We’ll do it!
Uncle: I’ll give 1000 pounds, you’ll fail!
Fog: Deal!
Uncle: Fix! Come here! Don’t let them do it! I must win!
Fix: it will be made!
Lady: oh! Fillious! Be careful! My uncle sends Fix to make you harm!
Passparto: Don’t worry? Lady! I’m Fog’s partner! And I can outwit any
Fog: If we want to win, we must start today! Well! To visit all the
world’s miracles…Ok! Let’s start with England!
Lady: what will we start with?
Fog: well! England is famous for it’s sights1 here we can see (Big Веn,
Tower, London bridge,)
1. Big Ben bells, Big Ben bells
Time to Londonners they tell
Time to work and time to rest
Time to call for all the guests
2. London Eye, nice London Eye!
To the top it can us rise
Tops of the buildings we can eye
Nice Cathedrale, Tower Bridge
So nice and high!
3. Admiral Nelson fought for Britain
In the battle of Trafalgar
He was never beaten
The square in his honour vividely speaks
About all Admiral’s heroic deeds.
4. Westminster Palace and Westminster Abbey
Is a part of London to visit with Andy
The British Government in Westminster sits
Abby is and old Cathedral full of visitors and interesting things.
Lady: By the way, do you know the song about London bridge?
Песню-караоке «London bridge»
Pas: That was wonderful! Where to now?
Fog: to France!
Bonjour, Mesiuers! Bonjour, Mesdames! Bienvenu en France, en
Avignon. Cette ville est très belle. A Avignon il y a le pont. Il est très
ancien. Les enfants aiment danser sur ce pont.
Танец и песня «Sur le pont d'Avignon»
Sur le pont d’Avignon,
On y danse, on y danse,
Sur le pont d’Avignon,
On y danse, tous en rond.
Les belles filles font comme ça,
Et puis encore comme ça.
Les belles dames font comme ça,
Et puis encore comme ça.
Nous faisons comme ça,
Et puis encore comme ça.
Sur le pont d’Avignon,
On y danse, on y danse,
Sur le pont d’Avignon,
On y danse, tous en rond.
Pas: France is behind! Where are we going to now?
Fog: to the ruins of Colliseum!
Fix: ha-ha! Believe me! You’ll never come to Rome!
Песенка про поезд
Lady: oh! Fillios! It’s not Rome! Where are we? Oh! It’s our fault! We
forgot about Fix!
Fog: Don’t worry, my Dear! Russia is also rich in sights! It’s one of the
most beautiful countries. It has got it’s own miracles. Look here! It's
Moscow! Red square!
Pas: Russian people say that Red Square is the heart of Russia. All
important events are held here. There are a lot of sights in Moscow: Red
Square, Saint-Basil Cathedrale, Tretiakov Galery. And have you ever
seen Russian dancing? Let’s watch.
Танец «Казачек»
Выступление учащихся о Москве
Fog: Besides it’s necessary to mention other miracles of Russia :
Peterhof, the Lake Baikal, the valley of geysers, the statue Motherland,
the aeration columns,
Pas: Oh and where are we?
1: Saint-Petersburg! It’s our Northen and cultural capital. It’s the capital
of fountains, museums, theatres and bridges. Let’s visit Peterhof.
Выступление учащихся о Петергофе
Pas: That was wonderful! I’m sure we’ll win the deal! We can come
Fog: Not now! As far as we are in Russia. Let’s travel to the lake Baikal
and see the purest and the deepest lake in the world.
Выступление учащихся о Байкале
Подведение итогов, награждение