Конспект урока "Еcology is in danger" 8 класс

Конспект урока выполнила:
Сорокина Олеся Борисовна
Город Новосибирск МБОУ СОШ№46
Учитель английского языка
Урок на тему “Еcology is in danger.
Цели урока:
1. Общеобразовательный аспект – обучение чтению и говорению.
2. Воспитательный аспект – духовно-нравственное воспитание: воспитание
бережного отношения к родной Земле, любви к природе.
3. Развивающий аспект – развитие логического мышления, способностей к
сравнению, умозаключению.
Задачи урока:
1. Фонетика отработка трудно произносимых слов по данной теме.
2. Лексика закрепление активной лексики в новых речевых ситуациях, введение
новых лексических единиц.
3. Грамматика – закрепление английских времен, модального глагола «can».
Методы: словесный, наглядно-иллюстративный, частично-поисковый,
фронтальная беседа.
Формы работы: индивидуальная работа, работа в парах.
Ход урока.
1. Орг.момент. Определение целей урока совместно с детьми.
-Good day boys and girls. Nice to see you.
- Children, look at the window, please. What do you see?
- We see trees, sky, nature…….
-How do you think what is it? (environment, ecology)
-Today the situation is quite different.
Nowadays industrially developed states can’t ignore the problem of environmental
If you don’t think about the future, you will not have it”
(Если ты не подумаешь о будущем,
у тебя его может не быть)
John Goldsworthy
2. На основе темы урока работа со словами.
-Разделите слова на две колонки. На какие колонки вы разделили? Почему?
- -Скажите, к какой из колонок можно отнести следующие высказывания?
- I offer you to find words.
Toxins, water, chemicals, flowers, trees, litter, animals, cans, birds, fish.
Air and water are polluted
Forests are cut down
Animals are damaged
Litter is put into water
The water is polluted.
И все это можно назвать одним словом: environment, ecology problems, pollution.
- The theme of our lesson: “Environment protection”
- Lesson objective- generalization of knowledge and skills on the theme “Environment ”.
3. Отработка лексики.
- Check each other. Ask words and words combinations.
- Time is over.
-Now let’s do this cross words. I’ll give you 3 minutes.
to protect the atmosphere
to drop the environment
to pollute old containers
to turn off public transport
to recycle litter
to pay lights
to go by a fine
4. Речевая разминка.
There are some new words and expressions from the text:
Rare редкий
Nature- природа
Insects насекомые
Ecology- экология
Environment окружающая среда
5. Работа по проблемам окружающей среды.
- Children, when we say the Earth is in danger. What exactly is in danger?
- Guess who is speaking in the first verse...
- The story about environmental problems.
Air pollution
Water pollution
Endangered species
Destruction of natural resources
7. Беседа о проблеме переработки некоторых видов отходов.
- By the way. Who knows how long rubbish lasts?
You see the rubbish problem is very important now.
Look at this poster "Litter lasts...”.
You can see that a traffic ticket lasts 1 month.
A banana peel lasts up tо 3 months.
A wool sock - 1 уеаr.
Wooden stakes - 4 years.
A wax paper cup - 5 years.
Tin cans - 100 years.
Aluminum cans- up to 500 years.
Glass containers - they never decay.
Painted wooden stakes - 13 years.
8. Аудирование - Our city is in danger!
9. Насколько ты заботишься об окружающей среде.
Read the text and answer the questions about text.
-Then write your answer the your lists.
-The poisoning of the world's land, air and water is one of the most important problems of
our civilization. The seas are in danger. Many companies dump chemical and nuclear
waste into water. So, they are filled with poison: industrial and nuclear waste. Half of the
lakes in the world are polluted. If nothing is done about it, one day nothing will be able to
live in the seas. Air pollution is also a very serious problem. Because many factories
release sulfates into the air. When the sulfates mix with clouds, acid rains fall and harm
all the living creatures. This causes different diseases. Because of different kinds of
pollution every ten minutes one kind of animal, plant or insect dies out forever. There
are a lot of international green organizations that take care of the environment and
“Green Peace” is one of the most active. Many governments are waking up and making
strict laws against pollution. In many countries there are big plans to clean up the water.
And every person must do his best to help our planet survive.
1. Write out the main problems of environmental pollution.
2. What organizations for the protection of the environment you know?
3. Write, in your opinion, the main problem of environmental pollution.
10. Работа в группах на тему «Как мы можем помочь планете».
-Now you see that everyone wants to save our planet.
- Our nature is in danger. We should protect it because we want to save our beautiful
planet for the next generations.
THE MATCHING. Let us look and check your ideas!
We can reduce using electricity.
We can reduce using water.
We must recycle cartons.
We must reuse glass bottles.
We can recycle newspapers.
We must recycle paper.
We can recycle plastic containers.
All these actions help to reduce pollution, deforestation and not to damage the nature.
11. Обобщение темы урока в форме стиха.– I want to finish our lesson with this poem
“Yours and Mine”
A poem “Yours and Mine”.
The sun, the tree, the grass, the sky
The silver moon that’s sailing by
The rain and dew and snowflakes white
The flower sweet and stars of night
The song of birds, wind whispering-
Such lovely thing to hear and see
Belong to you, belong to me!
12. Домашнее задание.
-Open your dairies and write down the homework.
-Your homework is to create your own poster & explain your choice.
13. Итоги урока. Thank you for the lesson.
1) Environmental protection is an _________problem.
a)easy b)important c)pleasant
2)Factories pour a lot of _____into air and water.
a) A shortage b)waste c) pollution
3) What caused the ______of wildlife ?
a) population b) poison c) destruction
4)Many rivers and lakes are______
a)poisoned b)filled c)used
5)Many scientists try _____ ecology problems.
a) to know b) to solve c) to protect
Good buy.