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Презентация "Quiz about Wales" 8 класс

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Quiz about Wales

Quiz about Wales (Znoeva L.V.)

First Question.

  • Which one is the national flag of Wales?
  • 1)




The right answer: 1

Second question.

  • Which is the official name of the country?
  • 1)Duchy of Wales

    2)Wales Kingdom

    3) The Principality of Wales

    4)Wales Republic

The right answer :3) The Principality of Wales

Third question

  • What is the capital in Wales?
  • 1)Swansea.

    2) Bridgend.

    3) Cardiff.

    4) Powys.

The right answer : Cardiff.

Fourth question

  • What is the Wales national slogan?
  • 1) Cymru am byth.

    2) Plus Ultra.

    3) Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité.

    4) Dieu et mon droit.

The right answer : 1

Fifth question

  • What are the main symbols of Wales?
  • 1)Dragon and fire.

    2)Scarlet or white rose.

    3)Flowers and cheese.

    4)Leek and daffodil

The right answer :Leek and daffodil