Презентация "Robert Burns" 6 класс скачать

Презентация "Robert Burns" 6 класс

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  • Robert
  • Burns
  • Robert Burns was born in 1759.
  • He was great poet of Scotland.
  • His father, William Burns, was a small farmer. Robert and
  • his brother
  • helped their
  • father to work on the farm.
  • Robert learned from his father
  • to love and understand other people.
  • From his mother Robert learned Scottish fork-songs .
  • When Robert `s mother worked she often sang old
  • country -side songs. In the evening she told the children
  • popular folk – tales.
  • Robert's father wanted very much to give his children an education.
  • But Robert and his brother helped their father on the farm, so they had very little time for doing homework.
  • Robert began to write poems when he was 15 years old. All his poems are full of the heroes of his mother’s stories, and the farmers and workmen of the countryside. They are full of life.
  • Today Burn’s work is known and loved by millions of people.
  • Robert Burns died in 1796.