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Презентация "Welcome To Belev" 7-8 класс

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Welcome To Belev

BELEV Founded: 1147 Population: 13,400 Total Area: 8,58 km2

BELEV is the district center of Tula area. It was founded in 1147. Belev is 867 years old, as old as Moscow. Its total area is 8,58 km2. The population of Belev is 13,400 people.

Icons of Belev Belev Belev Belev Pastila Lace Clay Toy Belevskaya pastila (apple fudge from Belev) The Russian traditional product, the sweet dessert, is made of all natural ingredients — the best quality green apples Antonovka are mixed with the white of eggs and sugar. That ancient "know how" was born in Belev. Preserving the treat to be fresh for many months is still kept. Production of such kind of fudge is related to the name of a merchant A. Prokhorov, who planted a large garden in 1858. In 1888 he opened the drying house for the special thermo-boiling of fruits and veggies, and the fudge was made for the first time in that particular drying house. In 1890 this valuable product was awarded with a medal at the Garden Show in St Petersburg. At that time Mr. Prokhorov opened his confectionaries in Moscow, St Petersburg, Kiev and Tbilisi. Between 1896 and 1917 the fudge was presented at the International Exhibitions surprising the food experts in Asia, America and Europe. Belev Lace It`s a pure treasure rooted to our past. It is known that in 1880 about two thousands of women-knitters were producing this treasure in Belev. They made table cloths napkins and scarves of French silk threads in a very special way, different from the known Vologda and Elets styles. The merchandise was presented aboard as exhibits and for sale. Now Belev children continue this craft in Belev Creativity House for Chidren. Belev Clay Toy Belev Clay Toy is represented in the Belev Local Museum. Belev Clay Toy is a toy whistle. The museum exhibits all sorts of the popular sculptures: cockerels, hens, ducks… and Belev noble ladies, of course. The collection of these figures is so exciting! Yuri Nikolaevich Jiliaev continues the tradition in creating such whistles in Belev Art School. Famous People Of Belev

Vasily Andreyevich Zhukovsky (February 9, 1783 – April 24,  1852) was the foremost Russian poet of the 1810s and a leading figure in Russian literatute in the first half of the 19th century. He held a high position at the Romanov court as tutor to the Grand Duchess Alexandra Feodorovna  and later to her son, the future Tsar -Liberator Alexander II.

Zhukovsky was born in the village of  Mishenskoe, in Tula Governorate, Russian Empire, the illegitimate son of a landowner named Afanasi Bunin. His mother - who lived in the manor Bunin Turk Salha, captured in 1770 at the capture of the fortress of Bender. Fatherland and surname future poet received from him at the request of the adopter Bunin landed gentry Andrey Zhukovsky. In Mishenskoe Zhukovsky spent his childhood years, being in love family Bunin, but sooner felt his unusual position. Zhukovsky died in Baden-Baden in 1852, aged 69.

Achpriest M.F. Burtsev Achpriest M.F. Burtsev Mikhail Fedorovich Burtsev was a remarkable person of our region. He was born on the 8th of July 1842 in the village of Buryatino Bogoroditsk County Tula province. M.F.Burtsev made a sagnificant contribution to the education of our region. Belev diocesan women`s college was opened on his initiative. He was engaged in literary work and wrote essays and plays. But most of his life he devoted to the spiritual and cultural development of “Belev krai”. For his hard work as a church and public figure in Belev he was granted the title of hereditary nobleman. M.F.Burtsev died on the 28th of January 1906. In Belev there is a street which is named after him. Some years ago his tomb was restored. Belev is a cathedral town.

There are three churches and Spaso-Preobrazhensky Men`s Monastery.

They are architectural masterpieces.

Svyato-Vvedenskaya Makar`evskaya Zhabynskaya Pustyn` This Men`s Monastery located not far from the town of Belev was founded in 1585 by Holy Onufry. During its long history the Monastery came through lots of ups and downs. When the Monastery got strong spiritual power Holy Onufry left the Monastery to live in total isolation under the name of Makary on the river Zhabynka. The details of spiritual deeds of Holy Makary were hidden from everyone. It is known that he passed away in 1623 at the age of 84 and was buried by the place where eventually they built the Cathedral named after him. Holy Makary from Belev is remembered. The cathedral is built on a beautiful hill with pine trees around. Also there is a holly spring and a bathhouse near by. The Mound of Glory Not far from Belev it is situated the Mound of Glory. It is a sacred place. In 1967 the workers of Belev area poured the Mound of Glory in the memory of the fallen in the Great Patriotic War for our country. There the soldiers of the Soviet Army lie who in the “forties fatal” had saved our Motherland. The Mound of Glory is a sign of our infinite gratitude to those who gave their lives for our future. Memorable Places In BELEV The Monument To A.V.Fomichev

The Memorial ToThe Fallen In The Second World War

The Memorial

To Belev Soldiers

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